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Miss Saigon has taken over the space of Shun Sushi on Forbes Street across from exit C of the Kennedy Town MTR Station.  Unless you can smell the grease from the constant frying of spring rolls or the hearty soup stock that is constantly boiling away in the back, don’t bother.  Miss Saigon is a case of don’t bother and keep walking.

The King of Pho at Miss Saigon.  It looked right but it lacked the taste of soup that has been boiling away for many hours, no depth in flavor.  My suggestion is to use a pressure cooker if you lack the time commitment to make hearty soup.


Miss Saigon, King Pho.

I was expecting lemon grass grilled pork, fresh herbs and a meaty spring roll.  I got a deep fried pork cutlet and lettuce with the same deep fried quality of the appetizer plate.  A photo of real lemon grass grilled pork below.


Miss Saigon, lemon grass grilled pork.  It’s deep fried.

best meal in Hanoi

I was expecting this – real lemon grass grilled pork.

I don’t think I will go back.  20% off for the time being but there’s a 10% service charge.  WTF.  At least hide the cash grab?


If you are wanting to venture into Kennedy Town for food, check to see if the restaurant is new.  If so, stay away.


$98 HKD for a bowl of Pho.  It’s decent with the right scent and taste but too small.

$98 HKD is $12 USD for a bowl of Pho in HK’s Central district.  They have a 6 course tasting menu for $600 HKD.  Might as well buy a plane ticket and spend the weekend in Vietnam where a similar bowl of pho is $10 HKD.IMG_20160426_183712

I am a sucker for Vietnamese food and it’s always disappointing.  Viet Kitchen is Viet Wrong.  Too expensive and the portions are too small.  I left hungry.

This is real pho.  Loaded with bean sprouts and raw BEEF.  If it doesn’t look like the picture below, run.

2015-06-14 11.22.33

2014-01-07 12.35.33

Noodle Mi is vietnamese food located beside K-Roll.  It’s on par with HK style vietnamese food.  It will taste better than the more HK local vietnamese restaurants but not by much.  Each main hovers around $70.

Noodle Mi's beef pho

Noodle Mi’s beef pho

The beef pho lacked the refreshing soup taste.  The raw sprouts were a tiny pittance.  It did taste better than BEP/Nha Trang but not by much.

chicken spring roll bun

chicken spring roll bun

Chicken Spring Roll with Vietnamese Salami on vermicelli.  The chicken spring roll was made with all the right ingredients but lacked the taste and consistency of authentic vietnamese spring rolls.  Authentic vietnamese spring rolls should be twice the size with more crunch.  The salami is the generic stuff laced with a tub of MSG making you very thirsty afterwards.