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$55 beers and $299 ribs.  Let’s put it in perspective.  $299 is $40 USD, for one rack of pork ribs or one beef rib.  Fries and Coleslaw are separate add-ons.  You have three options for beer, all of the craft variety but no black beers.  The point of serving beer is to price is low enough for diners to binge drink.  At $55, everyone will order one to try it out and go next door to the 7-11 for the beverage needs.  There’s Tramline and GOV in Kennedy Town for your craft beer needs.


Ribcage’s pork ribs

Pork ribs were dry but $299.  Open Rice reviews for this restaurant are quite stellar so my stomach was ready.

Fries are cooked in beef fat.  Distinct taste, quick way to a heart attack.


Ribcage beef ribs

Beef ribs were tender and moist but $299.  Too expensive.


Ribcage Coleslaw

Food is served take-out style.  Pay first at a sit down restaurant? Am I a thief as soon as I step through the door?  If I pay first, my food will need to be ready on payment yet there’s a noticeable delay in food delivery.  Ribcage charges fine dining pricing.  I left hungry.  I did not need to wear sweatpants afterall.  I had to cut my losses after ordering everything off the menu to take my appetite somewhere else.  I had high hopes for this restaurant but sadly ribs is not something I crave.  Fried Chicken and Mexican Food, yup.  Ribcage – decent food at a exorbitant price, best to start the count down to see how long they can withstand the crushing rents.  I give it 6 months.

Ribcage substitute to put my mind at ease.  Salad from K-town’s best Chicken Pot hawker fare.  $88, yes please.



The majority of restaurants that cater to the non local dining experience have a mandatory 10% gratuity.  A gratuity is fine so long as the service warrants it.  When you dine in HK restaurants, you will find the service sub par for the most part.  An acceptable level of service at the NA norm would be dining at the hotel restaurants but you get the sticker shock when the bill arrives.  If you dine at the local establishments and the street food vendor, there is no gratuity so one never expects service.  HK restaurants take the 10% mandatory gratuity to a new low.  HK restaurants are not known for exemplary service and adding a mandatory 10% tip on top of the invoice is a kick in the teeth.

When they instill a mandatory gratuity on my bill, the first thing I do is pay with the credit card.  I might as well rack up the points and airmiles.  There are some dining establishments doing away with the mandatory gratuity but they are few and far between.  Another thing that is worth seething over is the fact you need to have a packet of tissue handy.  You will see everyone on the streets of HK carrying a blue and white packet of Tempo facial tissue.  They penny pinch at the restaurants so it protects their bottom line and profit margin then turn around and charge one a mandatory 10%  tip.  It’s no wonder most diners at HK establishments demand exemplary service and go about mistreating their restaurant staff.  It’s a terrible downward spiral that knows no bounds.  Let’s be honest for a second, we know the tip jars do not make it to the server.  The owners take a large cut.

The restaurants worth tipping will not accept tips.  The restaurants not worth tipping require it.  This is HK.  You will come to love the nuances and weird dichotomies that are prevalent in this place.  Don’t try to understand it.  Embrace it and don’t let it bother you.  Some things are just not worth fighting over.  Take your money and spend it elsewhere.  Vote with your patronage.