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The chicken pot restaurant inside Kennedy Town’s Smithfield Cooked Food centre has a new restaurant – Korean style hot pot.  $268 for an order large enough to feed 2 people.

You are given a choice for soup base and two meat offerings.  The rest is spam and hot dogs.


Kennedy Town, Smithfield Cooked Food Centre – Korean Hot Pot.

I don’t see the Korean factor in the hot pot.  It may have to do with one of the soup base being Kimchi.  The tomato cheese base is thick and hearty.  It hits the spot and beats the rip off restaurants on Forbes row.

If you have a third person, revert back to the tried and true chicken pot.


$168 and everyone will love it.


$55 beers and $299 ribs.  Let’s put it in perspective.  $299 is $40 USD, for one rack of pork ribs or one beef rib.  Fries and Coleslaw are separate add-ons.  You have three options for beer, all of the craft variety but no black beers.  The point of serving beer is to price is low enough for diners to binge drink.  At $55, everyone will order one to try it out and go next door to the 7-11 for the beverage needs.  There’s Tramline and GOV in Kennedy Town for your craft beer needs.


Ribcage’s pork ribs

Pork ribs were dry but $299.  Open Rice reviews for this restaurant are quite stellar so my stomach was ready.

Fries are cooked in beef fat.  Distinct taste, quick way to a heart attack.


Ribcage beef ribs

Beef ribs were tender and moist but $299.  Too expensive.


Ribcage Coleslaw

Food is served take-out style.  Pay first at a sit down restaurant? Am I a thief as soon as I step through the door?  If I pay first, my food will need to be ready on payment yet there’s a noticeable delay in food delivery.  Ribcage charges fine dining pricing.  I left hungry.  I did not need to wear sweatpants afterall.  I had to cut my losses after ordering everything off the menu to take my appetite somewhere else.  I had high hopes for this restaurant but sadly ribs is not something I crave.  Fried Chicken and Mexican Food, yup.  Ribcage – decent food at a exorbitant price, best to start the count down to see how long they can withstand the crushing rents.  I give it 6 months.

Ribcage substitute to put my mind at ease.  Salad from K-town’s best Chicken Pot hawker fare.  $88, yes please.


Nice restaurant, tons of fanfare and great decor but rather expensive.  The value proposition here is Central dining without the crowds so while the restaurant saves on rent, I still pay Central pricing.


Mussels were good but portions were smaller than Frites.




Pasta portion was the size of a small handful.

4 dishes, $700.  The bread is baked fresh every day.  Restaurant has the rotisserie grill to cook their own birds but $500 for a french chicken? no thanks when the local HK purveyor down the street is doing something similar for $200.  If you plan to eat chicken in Kennedy Town, do yourself a favour and walk over to the Kennedy Town Cooked Food Centre down the street.  $200 gets you the best sichuan spiced chicken pot in the Western District and they have since expanded to over 40 tables.  I had to take the guests to chicken pot afterwards and none of us were feeling full after the first round.



Fish and Chick is fish & chips and rottisserie chicken.

$140 for the seabass.  The fish is local and fresh.  Fries lack salt but it comes with sea salt on the side for one to dip.

HK Sea Bass.  Fish and Chick in Kennedy Town. $140.

HK Sea Bass. Fish and Chick in Kennedy Town. $140.

Is the skin suppose to be left on?  I don’t mind it as the skin has all the rich omega 3 fatty oils that one cannot get enough of while relying on vitamins to fill this purpose.  Fish was good but eat it quickly.

HK Sea Bass, skin on?

HK Sea Bass, skin on?

Next up was the rotisserie chicken with 2 sides.  A whole chicken is $180 and half is $90.  It takes a while for the chicken to arrive.  Menu states it is purchased fresh everyday at the market.  So long as they don’t use French chickens, I am happy.  There’s no need to use French chickens in HK when the local variety is just as good.  Mashed potatoes are creamy with bacon bits and hints of sour.  A tiny portion but velvety.

side of mashed potatoes

side of mashed potatoes

I prefer my mashed potatoes chunky with loads of butter and a touch of spice, see below.

pdw mashed potatoes

A $10 option to add to the rotisserie chicken.  Good level of salt and a ton of oregano.  Mushrooms are good.

Sauteed mushrooms at Fish and Chick

Sauteed mushrooms at Fish and Chick

The chicken was the best.  It’s rotisserie chicken so all the fat drips back in to keep the meat moist and the excess falls out.  The chicken quite a bit of flavour.

The Chick.

The Chick.

I would come back but only with a coupon.  Beers are $70 for draft and $45 during happy hour.  Lemon ice tea and pop is $25.  Total bill for two people came to $400.  It would’ve been cheaper to order the dinner for 2 for $328.  Kennedy Town is growing out their food options so it’s tough to warrant this type of pricing.  Fish and Chick does have a spectacular view of the harbour and I much prefer it over those in the neighborhood.

brunch food

Ktown’s Waffling Bean – vegan brunch food

My only take away from Waffling Bean is all the waffles are savory rather than sweet.  For brunch food I would much rather prefer a sweet waffle.  Each waffle set will set you back about $80.

Brunch food

Waffling Bean – brunch food with blue cheese

It’s also open for dinner.  They have a small outdoor area which is dog friendly.

Lego in Hong Kong

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I see my friends collecting Lego toys all the time.  It’s the stereotypical thing to do in your 30s as once you start having real disposable income, you buy the things you wanted most as a kid – Legos, comic books etc.  It is quite the growth industry in old brands playing to the very kids inside all of us.  I remember lego being generic building blocks where you allow your mind to run wild.  Now lego has a large collection of special editions that will allow it to cover every end of the spectrum, gone is the creativity and in with following rote instruction.  It use to be so simple.

If you happen to be on the prowl to build out your collection of special edition lego sets, give a visit to Hing Tat Trading (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Address: 28 Kennedy Town Praya, HK.  You can't miss it.

Address: 28 Kennedy Town Praya, HK. You can’t miss it.

They carry a lot of special editions, with a wide variety in price.

2015-04-02 08.58.52

large assortment

You will be buying straight from the distributor so pricing will be cheap.

2015-04-02 08.58.56

big range in price.

You can also mention the blog for an even bigger discount.

Phone: Samuel Lee @ 28558263

Itacho has yet to make its way into Kennedy Town so I am hesitant to eat sushi for fear of disappointment.  Shun Sushi was able to put me at ease as their venue is very well lite and clean.  The inside is bare with folding tables and chairs for diners that want to eat in.  They have a small curation of Japanese alcoholic beverages for you to take home.  I suspect the majority of their business is take-out.  They have a large industrial size kitchen in the back to which all the food is made, cleanliness is one of their strengths as they allow the customers to peer in.  The pricing is very similar to Itacho so the food is affordable.

My go-to Japanese food is salmon sushi, at Shun Sushi it is only $5/piece.  I use to pay $1.50USD/piece but at home so the pricing is better.  Now all we need is to test the freshness.  You need Japanese restaurants with high turnover else they serve you freezer burned salmon.  This restaurant plays to its strength in food quality, I don’t need the outlandish faux Japanese decor nor do I need the conveyor belt sushi.  If the food is good I will return.

The ramen is decent, I had to pay $10 to add the egg to it.  I enjoyed it but do not think I will order again.  I am more a fan of sushi than Japanese soup noodles.

2014-11-22 18.22.15

black garlic ramen -$50, egg is a $10 option

We were expecting the tempura california roll to have shrimp tempura wrapped inside the roll.  Their iteration of the roll is a normal tempura roll deep fried in tempura batter.  It was different and it did not require the sweet thai chilli sauce over top.

2014-11-22 18.22.54

tempura california roll – $38

Sushi.  It’s cheap and fresh.  This is my only pre-requisite for Japanese food.  Their wasabi is individually packed so there is consistency with taste.  You go to Shun Sushi solely to eat sushi.  It will not win any awards as the decor is not over the top but it provides good value.  It is a good venue for dining alone.  The restaurant is located across the street from the new MTR station so it will be quite convenient to buy food to take home.

2014-11-22 18.22.05

assorted sushi – $4-$6 per piece

I finally found a decent sushi place in Kennedy Town without the need to sit through faux Japanese decor that makes me cringe.  The bill for 2 people, $200.