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$98 HKD for a bowl of Pho.  It’s decent with the right scent and taste but too small.

$98 HKD is $12 USD for a bowl of Pho in HK’s Central district.  They have a 6 course tasting menu for $600 HKD.  Might as well buy a plane ticket and spend the weekend in Vietnam where a similar bowl of pho is $10 HKD.IMG_20160426_183712

I am a sucker for Vietnamese food and it’s always disappointing.  Viet Kitchen is Viet Wrong.  Too expensive and the portions are too small.  I left hungry.

This is real pho.  Loaded with bean sprouts and raw BEEF.  If it doesn’t look like the picture below, run.

2015-06-14 11.22.33

2014-01-07 12.35.33


French restaurant serving small plates of food in a tapas style on Forbes street in Kennedy Town.  I made a note to give it a try while walking my dog.  Most restaurants in the area are dog friendly if you go early enough to sit outside.

Meatballs in a tomato sauce, 3 meatballs and sweet tomato sauce.  I prefer the meatballs in a savory sauce but it’s nice to see how professional chefs do it differently.  Lots of sauce to dip bread.

3 meatballs

3 meatballs

octopus pasta – nothing special.  It did have a lot of colour.

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad


fried cheese

fried cheese

tuna tartar – nothing special.  The part I like about Tuna is restaurants can get away with serving bad fish so it’s one dish where you can be sure of the freshness.

Tuna Tartar

Tuna Tartar

$450 for 2 people.

$55 for beer

$70 for a glass of house wine.

Angelina is a french passterie.

The signature drink is the hot chocolate, l’African for $88.  It feels the same as drinking syrup.  I can feel my blood turning blue and clogging my arteries.  Blue Blood fare.

This drink will turn you into a blue blood.

This drink will turn you into a blue blood.

The chestnut cake on a bed of cream is their signature dish $90.  It’s the cost of making fresh cream from French milk.  No thanks.

blue blood fare

blue blood fare

The opera cake meets the exacting measurements to pass Le Cordon Bleu’s pastry exam but I can buy similar in the form of a Coffee Crisp.  This cake set me back $100.  Fresco Cafe in Central can do the same thing for $10 but it lacks the harbour view.



This is the perfect setting if you want to be overweight.  Dine at Angelina’s in Lane Crawford to turn into a blue blood.  Forgive me while I give myself an enema.

Soup Dumplings will be Shanghai’s most famous dish to the world yet Taiwan’s Din Tai Fung beat it to market.  Ye Shanghai does traditional Shanghainese cuisine in a modern setting.  I have had traditional Shanghainese cuisine on multiple occasions and none of which would be comparable to this.  I doubt it’s a bad thing though the price tag does leave one to wonder.

Gelatinous cured meats served cold

Gelatinous cured meats served cold

Nothing special.  Everyone needs to eat meat frozen in jelly.  It’s a delicacy and expensive.

Fresh fish out of the Yangtze river.  It's full of little bones.

Fresh fish out of the Yangtze river. It’s full of little bones.

A Yangtze river fish solely ordered to woo potential clients.  It’s expensive with lots of bones.  Don’t talk while eating unless you want someone to perform the heimlich on you.

stewed beef

stewed beef

The star dish of the night.  Stewed beef with the bone served solely as a plate ornament.

Ye Shanghai is a China restaurant chain with a HK location.  Food is good but expensive.  Look around and pay close attention to the other diners.  It’s expense account food so tread carefully if the company is not footing the bill.

amateur hour, my cork!

amateur hour, my cork!

Don’t bring wine here as they will ruin the cork.

I am a big fan of Uniqlo.  It allows me to buy things outside my pay grade ie. supima cotton garments.  Their blazers are very affordable at $800/blazer & $600/pants for $1400 total and as my normal tailor will usually charge $3500.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.21.53Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.24.51

I quite enjoy going to the tailors and running through the swatch book.  I go on a regular basis as there are always new friends in town forcing me to play tour guide.  I have notice one thing, paralysis by analysis when it comes to choosing fabrics.  Everything starts to look the same after a certain point in time and I end up influencing friends with my newest commission.  Now I am only responsible for the introduction to the tailor and take a back seat.  Sit down and shut up.  My first ever suit was done at Tai Pan Row in IFC for a cool $7k.  My next suit at Bonham Strand under the guidance of Lee to a tune of $3,500.

I notice one thing, I have a very normal plain jane body type.  I fit off the rack just fine and Uniqlo clothing fits well.  My last few rounds of suits have been off-the-rack.  A friend told me about Cheung Hing Tailors in Central so I had to give it a try as it is $1098 for a suit, custom made to your specs.  At this price point it is cheaper than off the rack.  The tailor did the usual measurements with the only custom feature being the number of buttons.  Gone was all the selection to which I had grown accustomed to barking: working sleeves, lapel size, type of buttons, pleats etc.  The invoice is very third world where they give you a piece of swatch to delineate your selection.  The last time I got this type of service was doing custom made shirts in Cambodia.

cheung hing suit invoice, it's cheap

cheung hing suit invoice, it’s cheap

If you fit off the rack, there’s no way these guys can screw it up.  Bring a previous custom made suit from another tailor to which you would like for these guys to mimic the fit.  They do a lot of fast fashion and tuxedos so the fit will be fit and trendy unless you have an example to show them otherwise.  You get what you pay for in pricing so allow me to be the test case.  So long as the suit holds up to Uniqlo standards I will be a happy customer.  At the price point, it makes a great deal for throw-away clothing where you can look good at the beginning of the night and dashing while you puke all over yourself.

It would be a waste of time to go through their large swatch books only to realize the fabric is no longer available.  The countless hours spent pouring over fabric is a waste of time, take a look at the inventory in their office and pick from there.

Phone: 25239737

egg waffle cart in Kennedy Town

wood fire egg waffle cart

The best egg waffles can only be found during night time on one of the corners in the intersection of Smithfield Road and Belcher’s Street.  The gentleman making the egg waffles use wood as heat source which is suppose to impart a distinct taste.  It’s $20/bag vs. $10/bag at the legitimate stores.  The only difference being the heat source.  The street vendor is constantly fanning an open flame making it dangerous around small children and crowded areas.  Luckily his egg waffles are not available during the day time, it is only available after dark when the police officers are nowhere to be found.  The egg waffles from the wood fire cart is as traditional as it gets.

traditional egg waffles

close up of the work area for the best egg waffles in Kennedy Town

A colleague of mine told me to bring the waffle iron to the next bbq so we can make it ourselves.  Typical of HK attitude, it’s so simple you can do it yourself.

This is a $188 grilled cheese sandwich.

cafe landmark grilled cheese

why is there sandwich ham in my grilled cheese?

I guess they had to put a slice of ham into the grilled cheese so you don’t complain over the fact they may be charging a smidgen too much.  Never again.  This is one cafe restaurant to avoid while shopping in Central.