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I was a big fan of 759’s wine selection.  So long as you stick to their more expensive offering the wines will reward.  The cheap wines are terrible.

pinot which tastes like merlot

pinot which tastes like merlot

This bottle of Two Tone Farm’s 2013 pinot noir is a perfect example of manufacturing for a given price point.  A pinot which tastes of merlot.  Straight to the fridge so I can use in my next pasta sauce.


2015-05-21 16.24.14

Not a fan of Syrahs.  I dislike the cherry notes as it reminds me of cough syrup.  eGeo wines do lack one flavour which makes them easy to drink – oaking.

2015-05-21 16.24.21

This tastes similar to the eGeo Malbec but with heavier tannins.  This would be a perfect house wine as it lacks notes which would make people hate or love.  It’s grape juice with alcohol with slight tannins making it very easy to consume.  The blend is solely made for domestic consumption inside Turkey, not for export so if you happen upon a bottle do give it a try.

2015-03-25 10.37.36

Plato was the favorite.

Kerem Ben Zimra was overpoweringly oaky.

A lacked flavour after drinking the Kerem Ben Zimra first.  I will never drink cabernet sauvignon as the first wine during a tasting.

Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon is Spain’s answer to Bordeux blends.  This wine warrants a taste as it is made via the organic process which is suppose to be the next big thing.  Google: Mega Purple and Sulfities to see the backlash over wines being chemically engineered to taste right.

Winery: Dominio de Punctum

Appelation: La Mancha in Central Spain.

Taste: nose is ripe red fruits with spice, tastes spicy with a sweet finish.

Pro taste buds show the following: aromas of blueberry and cassis, well balanced, soft tannins and long persistent finish.

The bottle caught my hand which lead to the purchase and tasting.  Good job.

Norte Sur's red wine

Norte Sur’s red wine

Dugat makes fine wines that French people love.  Their portfolio runs the full gamut of prices from affordable to if-you-have-to-ask.  I drank alongside new world pinots and found this wine too young and complex for my beginner palette to discern.  Organic, small production and a prestigious brand make this an affordable burgundy to test the hype.

the cheapest of the Dugat PYs

the cheapest of the Dugat PYs

I did not find the wine well balanced.  Strong taste compared to new world pinots.  I drunk it last whereas in hindsight I should have drunk first.  I generally save the most expensive wine to drink last as the more expensive wines generally overpower the rest.  Not the case with burgundies.

Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes

youngest vines of the Dugat PY family at 30-50 years of age

If you love pinots, give it a try.  I can’t say I enjoyed this wine but I would imagine my palette to be at fault more so than the wine considering the price tag and the brand.  Dugat recommends the wine to age 6-8 years prior to uncorking and to let it decant for a few hours, two sets of instructions to which I did not follow.

Domaine Joliet

Clos De La Perriere


light earthy nose, very light coclour.  subtle sweet raisin finish.  Burgundies taste very different than normal wines, the taste is light all across the board.  It has a prevalent tangy finish but after letting it sit for 2 hours the tang finish was gone.

I drank it out of the right goblet.



Chateau Haut Brion 1990

Aerate for 2 hours.  Stupid expensive wine but too complex for me to appreciate.  The only thing I could pinpoint is the following: wine was easy to drink, no harsh nor rough flavours and went down smooth.  This is one of those wines where its claim to fame is the tradition.  The wine at this price range must have been poured over the naked bodies of local virgins, the elixir of Gods.  At this price range the wine experience was not life changing.  Too bad for me.

55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 20% Cab Franc.