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$98 HKD for a bowl of Pho.  It’s decent with the right scent and taste but too small.

$98 HKD is $12 USD for a bowl of Pho in HK’s Central district.  They have a 6 course tasting menu for $600 HKD.  Might as well buy a plane ticket and spend the weekend in Vietnam where a similar bowl of pho is $10 HKD.IMG_20160426_183712

I am a sucker for Vietnamese food and it’s always disappointing.  Viet Kitchen is Viet Wrong.  Too expensive and the portions are too small.  I left hungry.

This is real pho.  Loaded with bean sprouts and raw BEEF.  If it doesn’t look like the picture below, run.

2015-06-14 11.22.33

2014-01-07 12.35.33


Lunch time offerings around the WAN CHAI area are starting to bore me.  A can of sardines in olive oil with one avocado and a dollop of pasta sauce does the trick.  It will cost the same as eating out but it’s healthy.  A poor man’s guacomole.  You are what you eat.


On wheat bread.  I am a creature of habit and so long as I find it healthy I can eat it on a daily basis.  My gf thinks I’m insane.



The only place in Kennedy Town for a shawarma to celebrate binge drinking.  $50 and it’s delicious after a few beers.

YAU KEE noodles

KANG KEE noodles

I am addicted to the HK style dried noodles.  It’s suppose to be healthier than instant noodles without the need for flavour packs.  Do not pour our the water as the noodles leech it into the soup when you cook it.

Green – spinach flavour

red – tomato flavour.  taste like canned tomatoes, was hoping for ketchup.  Would be great in a pasta sauce.

white – black pepper flavor. nothing spectacular.

$90 bowl of ramen for lunch.  10% service charge as a hidden tax.  I suspect Tokyo Agura will close up shop soon.

I ordered their signature bowl with spicy scallions.  It’s similar to bad kimchi.  The slice of pork was paper thin but if you dig up the soup dredge one will find pork cubes.

Tokyo Agura ramen in Wanchai

Look at the layer of grease.

Tokyo Aruga

Tokyo Agura’s soup. It’s hearty, thick and over seasoned.

I poured the bowl of soup into the noodles rather than eating it Butao style and dunking the noodles into the soup.  It makes it easier.  The noodles are cooked perfectly with just the right amount of firmness.

mix it all together

mix it all together

I may return if they take away the service charge.  Service charge is OK for dinner but not during lunch.  The restaurant was empty during the noon hour rush.  I am officially off the ramen bandwagon.  It’s expensive way to cleanse the intestinal tract.

old fire soups

old fire soups starting at $70

Dishes start at $40.  Soups start at $70.  I would not go back to drink the soup without ordering food as soup alone could buy a meal at any other restaurant.  You go to Sam’s Kitchen in Sai Ying Pun for one purpose, their medicinal soups.  After which you buy a electric pressure cooker and do it all on your own.

Nov 2015 update – go for the soup, stay away from the food.  Pork belly rice is their signature dish.  Rice was hot to the touch which does not occur if it is fresh meaning my rice was microwaved.  It had the tell tale signs of microwaved rice as the rice kernels on bottom of the pile were stuck to the plate.  Veggies were cold.  Meat did not taste fresh.  Soup had zero ingredients to eat and a $28 ADD ON.  $73 for a plate of microwave food and medicinal soup.  Never again.


Sam’s Kitchen, HK. Pork Belly on Rice.


Sam’s Kitchen – herbal soup.

Sunday brunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Breadstreet in LKF.  Loaf Sundays.  It’s a license deal as is typically found in HK.  You lend your name and they bring the money.  This was very lucrative in the textile realm in the 80s when HK companies controlled the majority of the big outdoor brands.  It is quite interesting to see how it plays out in HK as British fare is most well known for terrible food.  It would have been fun to watch the name sake principal bark orders and mimic his TV persona.  I went with high expectations.  The restaurant is on the MF of LKF Hotel.

I was expecting a large lumberjack trucker style breakfast with steak, eggs and hashbrowns.  I got a thin piece of beef on a bed of bread and 2 sunny side up eggs.  It was weird not to have the waitress ask for my steak preference.  Gravy was good.  I had to add a touch of ketchup to make it palette-able for me as I have grown accustomed to eating ketchup with my steak and eggs to go along with the plate of hashbrowns that was nowhere to be found.

steak and eggs

steak and eggs – $198

Salmon.  It didn’t taste like sockeye.

breadstreet - salmon

Salmon for $238

A healthy portion of food with lots of chicken drenched in sauce.  It lacked the anchovy bits one would come to expect when paying this sort of pricing.

chicken caesar salad

chicken caesar salad

The most expensive item on the Loaf Sunday menu, the daily roast.  Your choice of ribeye or tiger prawns.

ribeye with yorkshire pudding

ribeye with yorkshire pudding $328

Time to return to the kitchen before I give myself gout.