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The fun begins at 5pm.  $1 for every glass of alcohol, price doubles every 20 minutes until 7pm.  There’s only one beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon; it stops being a problem after you suck back 3 of them within the first 20 mins for $3.  After which you spend the next 1 hour and 40 minutes on cruise control and drinking at a more reasonable pace.

It’s the best happy hour in HK and beats drinking on plastic stools in the wet markets in the afternoon.  After 7pm, head to the local joints for $20 bottles of Tsing Taos.


Tsing Tao Stout

This is my favorite beer in all of HK.  It’s available at the local supermarkets.  $8.5 HKD.  It’s cheap like beer is suppose to be and tastes different than all the craft beers.  I don’t think I will be drinking craft beers anymore.  Craft beers are for the casual drinker.  I’m special.  I need it cheap with a big punch.  This beer is 355ML and 7.5% alcohol.  I love this beer as it taste similar to the chinese medicinal drink that comes in the red can with the yellow lettering – Wong Lo Kat.

Matso’s Mango Beer

Posted: August 25, 2015 in beer
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$36 at Tramline.

Matso's Mango Beer

Matso’s Ginger Beer was good so we decided to give their Mango beer a whirl.  Never again.  Nothing special but it did have jello mango flavour.  At the craft beer price point, one may as well buy normal beers and add fresh fruit.  I’ll give this a go over the weekend and report back.  I can buy a rather large mango for $30 and still come out ahead.

Young’s London Gold craft beer.  Don’t bother.  Nothing special.

Young's London Gold craft beer

Young’s London Gold craft beer

Widmer Brothers Hefe review

Widmer Brothers Hefe review

A nice tasting Hefe without the fruit finish to which I am growing fond.  I notice a short finish reminiscent of oolong teas.  NIce profile when the tea finish is present.  $30 HKD.  The last Hefe in my previous post would be the better of the two.  It’s summer so I’m solely sticking to Hefes.

American Hefe from Widmer Brothers

American Hefe from Widmer Brothers

July 2015 update – saw this beer on the shelves of the local Target in WA.  Typical HK trickery.  I don’t want mainstream craft beer.

A Hefe worth drinking

A Hefe worth drinking

A New Zealand beer.  It has the fruity tones that one comes to love from hefeweizens. I would buy again as I love hefes.

GOV, Rogue buckwheat ale

Rogue’s buckwheat ale

Not a big fan of Rogue’s offerings.  This one is good to drink on a hot day.   This drink looks to cater to the Japan demographics.  I rather drink Japanese beer as it would be cheaper and more authentic.

St. Peter's Fruit beer

St. Peter’s Fruit beer

Grapefuit is a staple in my diet so combining grapefruit and beer would make St. Peter’s a regular addition.  Thankfully the beer had zero grapefruit taste.  I eat grapefruits every single day and this had no hint of citrus.  UK craft beer at its finest.  Never again.