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Posted: January 28, 2016 in lunch
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Chefo Order is a HK website which matches ethnic lunch food to the office hordes.  They currently serve the following areas: Wan Chai, Yau Ma Tei, Kwai Cheng and Tai Po.  It provides a medium through which housewives can develop a cult following to their ethnic cuisines.  Lunch options are available before 11am.  The next day’s options are available at 3pm.  Cut off is 11am the following day and they email/call to confirm once a certain threshold of orders are put through.  It doesn’t make sense for the chef to take time out of their day for 1-2 orders so the threshold is set at 5.


Chicken Biryani – $34

I enjoyed the heat, the spice builds up gradually.  I showed the picture to my Pakistan clients and they were able to identify it as Biryani right away so it’s authentic.  This is my first experience with home cooked Biryani and the only things I can say is I will be a repeat customer.


I ordered Aaloo Qeema the following day.  Paratha is very similar to a the chinese scallion pancake without the scallion with loads of butter.  Aaloo Qeema was delicious.  I would have loved to pair the aaloo qeema with rice rather than bread.  I had too much sauce left over.  I found it very different than the normal lunch options.

The WAN CHAI lunch options are from Chefo are of the Pakistan variety.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meals.  It’s great knowing your business goes to support the chef rather than paying ground floor rents.  Pricing is reasonable and within the normal expectation.  Pick up is always at the MTR station so it’s an excuse to get out of the office and put the legs to work.  I paid for all my own meals.  website is

  1. Miss Dinie says:

    Looks good! Looks like there are many cuisines in Hong Kong.. I wonder if there’s any Jamaican eateries there?

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