HK’s love affair with buffets – Tiffin

Posted: January 6, 2016 in lunch
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HK’s culinary scene is still stuck in the past.  The best restaurants are located inside hotels.  Hotels still control the restaurants inside their premises compared to overseas where hotels generally lease out the restaurant premise to big name chefs that generate traffic.  It best to partake in the buffets available at the 5-star hotels.  The non-hotel buffets offer a better price but the crowds will scare away most people.

I had to take in the delight of over-eating.  Tiffin at the Grand Hyatt in Wanchai by the HK Convention Centre.  $400/person for lunch.

Cheese station, salad station with already made greek and caprese or help yourself to arugula and beets along with organic greens and a host of dressing.  For mains, we have roasted veal cheeks, deep fried veal, teriyaki sauce salmon and roast spring chicken.  On the Indian side, deep fried lentils and cauliflower in curry, curry lamb, chicken cooked in yogurt and curry chicken.  Papadum.  In the carving station, lamb shank and salmon wellington.  Desserts would be the highlight, ice cream everything.  They make their ice cream in house – vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter and honey, vietnam coffee chocolate and 2 fruit sorbets.  There’s also a cured meat station and appetizers ranging from smoked salmon to ham sliders.  The best part was the bread, all made fresh but going stale quickly.  Another highlight would be two choices for soup – chinese old fire soup or goulash.

I was able to hold down 4 plates of food before calling it a day at 2:30pm.


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