Picnic in Kennedy Town

Posted: December 22, 2015 in dinner
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Nice restaurant, tons of fanfare and great decor but rather expensive.  The value proposition here is Central dining without the crowds so while the restaurant saves on rent, I still pay Central pricing.


Mussels were good but portions were smaller than Frites.




Pasta portion was the size of a small handful.

4 dishes, $700.  The bread is baked fresh every day.  Restaurant has the rotisserie grill to cook their own birds but $500 for a french chicken? no thanks when the local HK purveyor down the street is doing something similar for $200.  If you plan to eat chicken in Kennedy Town, do yourself a favour and walk over to the Kennedy Town Cooked Food Centre down the street.  $200 gets you the best sichuan spiced chicken pot in the Western District and they have since expanded to over 40 tables.  I had to take the guests to chicken pot afterwards and none of us were feeling full after the first round.




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