Cheeky Pasta in Wanchai

Posted: September 23, 2015 in lunch
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Cheeky Pasta is new to Amoy Street.  It is an alternate dining option as the area is full of HK and Japanese style cuisine.  This is their $48 lunch special with $10 soup.

Penne in Pesto Cream with Chicken Fillet.

Wanchai’s Cheeky Pasta and their lunch special – Penne in Pesto Cream with Chicken Fillet.

Pasta is decent but on the small side.  The creamy pesto sauce did not cover all the penne.  I had ordered penne in the hopes the sauce would drench the pasta and I would be able to maximize the amount of sauce pick-up with each bite.  I was able to watch the process and notice lack of garlic, shallots and onions to give it real flavour.


Penne in Pesto Cream with Chicken Fillet.

The alphabet soup is a nice touch.  I was not thirsty afterwards so the soup was made without a heavy dose of MSG.  I could taste the individual flavours of the vegetables so I suspect it was cooked over a long period.


Alphabet Soup from Cheeky Pasta

I will be back to try the other options.  During the noon rush they will only focus on the $48 lunch sets.  The food does a great job of keeping my office breath smelling clean so as to not rip the environment of vampires.

  1. Miss Dinie says:

    Alphabet soup? That pesto looked barely there.. Shame, pesto is supposed to be quite flavoursome.. How on earth did that go wrong?

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