Fish and Chick in Kennedy Town

Posted: August 24, 2015 in dinner
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Fish and Chick is fish & chips and rottisserie chicken.

$140 for the seabass.  The fish is local and fresh.  Fries lack salt but it comes with sea salt on the side for one to dip.

HK Sea Bass.  Fish and Chick in Kennedy Town. $140.

HK Sea Bass. Fish and Chick in Kennedy Town. $140.

Is the skin suppose to be left on?  I don’t mind it as the skin has all the rich omega 3 fatty oils that one cannot get enough of while relying on vitamins to fill this purpose.  Fish was good but eat it quickly.

HK Sea Bass, skin on?

HK Sea Bass, skin on?

Next up was the rotisserie chicken with 2 sides.  A whole chicken is $180 and half is $90.  It takes a while for the chicken to arrive.  Menu states it is purchased fresh everyday at the market.  So long as they don’t use French chickens, I am happy.  There’s no need to use French chickens in HK when the local variety is just as good.  Mashed potatoes are creamy with bacon bits and hints of sour.  A tiny portion but velvety.

side of mashed potatoes

side of mashed potatoes

I prefer my mashed potatoes chunky with loads of butter and a touch of spice, see below.

pdw mashed potatoes

A $10 option to add to the rotisserie chicken.  Good level of salt and a ton of oregano.  Mushrooms are good.

Sauteed mushrooms at Fish and Chick

Sauteed mushrooms at Fish and Chick

The chicken was the best.  It’s rotisserie chicken so all the fat drips back in to keep the meat moist and the excess falls out.  The chicken quite a bit of flavour.

The Chick.

The Chick.

I would come back but only with a coupon.  Beers are $70 for draft and $45 during happy hour.  Lemon ice tea and pop is $25.  Total bill for two people came to $400.  It would’ve been cheaper to order the dinner for 2 for $328.  Kennedy Town is growing out their food options so it’s tough to warrant this type of pricing.  Fish and Chick does have a spectacular view of the harbour and I much prefer it over those in the neighborhood.

  1. Miss Dinie says:

    The $ are they HK ones or $U.S? The food seems to have cost a lot.

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