Tokyo Agura – Ramen in Wanchai

Posted: August 21, 2015 in expensive, food, lunch
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$90 bowl of ramen for lunch.  10% service charge as a hidden tax.  I suspect Tokyo Agura will close up shop soon.

I ordered their signature bowl with spicy scallions.  It’s similar to bad kimchi.  The slice of pork was paper thin but if you dig up the soup dredge one will find pork cubes.

Tokyo Agura ramen in Wanchai

Look at the layer of grease.

Tokyo Aruga

Tokyo Agura’s soup. It’s hearty, thick and over seasoned.

I poured the bowl of soup into the noodles rather than eating it Butao style and dunking the noodles into the soup.  It makes it easier.  The noodles are cooked perfectly with just the right amount of firmness.

mix it all together

mix it all together

I may return if they take away the service charge.  Service charge is OK for dinner but not during lunch.  The restaurant was empty during the noon hour rush.  I am officially off the ramen bandwagon.  It’s expensive way to cleanse the intestinal tract.


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