Kuroganeya, ramen in Wan Chai

Posted: August 3, 2015 in expensive, lunch
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Ramen Fridays.  There are two ramen shops one block away from each other.  This is the more high end version with the enclosed kitchen.  Orders come out quickly so everything is prepared in advance and waiting for the customers.  At Kamitora Ramen, they make everything infront of your very eyes.  At Kuroganeya, it is still made fresh but not the way I like it.

The soup broth had strong flavour but lacked the sticky texture that is suppose to gel your lips together.  I loathe the thin ramen noodles.  Portions are noticeably smaller here.  The pork is two thin slabs of fatty jelly.  It did taste good but one needs a thicker cut to really discern their cooking process.


Kuroganeya’s Pork Ramen in pork broth, non spicy version. $85

I had to order the gyoza add-on for $35 as I wasn’t feeling too full after the ramen.  I should have taken the $35 to spend at McDonalds on a full blown meal.  It lacked dipping sauce to give it flavour.  On a more positive note, it was made fresh.  Japanese gyozas can never compare to Chinese potstickers.  I don’t know why I bother.


Kuroganeya’s gyoza $35 add-on. Avoid.

Small portions, quick delivery and zero crowding during lunch hour make this one dining establishment I will not frequent on another occasion.  For HK dining, if the restaurant does not have a long que of people outside, do not bother.  Even terrible restaurants garner long lines with the population density of HK so at Kuroganeya it would be best to avoid.  Take your business over to Amoy street o Kamitora.


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