Gordon Ramsay’s Breadstreet in LKF

Posted: July 20, 2015 in food, lunch
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Sunday brunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Breadstreet in LKF.  Loaf Sundays.  It’s a license deal as is typically found in HK.  You lend your name and they bring the money.  This was very lucrative in the textile realm in the 80s when HK companies controlled the majority of the big outdoor brands.  It is quite interesting to see how it plays out in HK as British fare is most well known for terrible food.  It would have been fun to watch the name sake principal bark orders and mimic his TV persona.  I went with high expectations.  The restaurant is on the MF of LKF Hotel.

I was expecting a large lumberjack trucker style breakfast with steak, eggs and hashbrowns.  I got a thin piece of beef on a bed of bread and 2 sunny side up eggs.  It was weird not to have the waitress ask for my steak preference.  Gravy was good.  I had to add a touch of ketchup to make it palette-able for me as I have grown accustomed to eating ketchup with my steak and eggs to go along with the plate of hashbrowns that was nowhere to be found.

steak and eggs

steak and eggs – $198

Salmon.  It didn’t taste like sockeye.

breadstreet - salmon

Salmon for $238

A healthy portion of food with lots of chicken drenched in sauce.  It lacked the anchovy bits one would come to expect when paying this sort of pricing.

chicken caesar salad

chicken caesar salad

The most expensive item on the Loaf Sunday menu, the daily roast.  Your choice of ribeye or tiger prawns.

ribeye with yorkshire pudding

ribeye with yorkshire pudding $328

Time to return to the kitchen before I give myself gout.


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