Quemo in Wanchai’s QRE Plaza

Posted: July 8, 2015 in food, lunch
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I had lunch at Quemo, a Spanish restaurant inside the QRE building off Queens Road East.  The lunch sets start at $100 for 2 courses, $150 for 3 and around $200 if you take the drink/dessert.

The appetizers:

quemo appetizer spread

iberico ham, watermelon gazpacho, fried mushrooms and potato salad.

Watermelon gazpacho was original.  I was expecting tomatoes so the difference in texture and taste was a surprise.  Iberico ham, fried mushrooms and bread along with a potato salad were all equally underwhelming.

Main Course

quemo main course 2

Paella was terrible.  Nice big pan but one kernel covered every space on the pan.  The dish was tiny without any ingredients which would have you order a second time.  I can make better with a paella kit.  Spaghetti dish was decent, generous serving of olives.

quemo sig dish 300 fish and 100 octopus

$300 fish

The lunch menu left everyone still hungry so we ordered the fish and octopus.  Octopus dish can be seen in the background.  $150 for 5 slivers of octopus, don’t bother.  Fish was decent if you can stomach paying $300 for one dish at lunch.

quemo main course 1

Fish and lamb shoulder, neither of which I would order a second time.

Quemo is perfect for lunch if you want a place which will have ample seating.  It caters to the lunch time office crowd but without the line ups you expect to find at more popular dining options.  Portions are too tiny to warrant a subsequent visit.  Expense account dining and I still felt ripped off.  Never again.


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