Mangiare is still in their soft opening phase.  It’s open but not everyday and only at certain times so call ahead to secure a reservation.  It took me 3 weeks to get a table for friday night and I had to give it back by 9pm.  The food was delicious and the decor looks great.

The menu is constantly changing so its dependent on fresh product.  A large portion of the daily specials is devoted to steaks from bone in ribeyes to tomahawks.  A carnivore’s dream menu.  You get to chose the size and cut.  It’s all laid out in front of you when you order.

on Cadogan Street

on Cadogan Street

I give the restaurant the benefit of doubt and order their wine.  Chef Luca’s pedigree and his presence in the kitchen should speak to the quality of food so I trust his small wine list.  5 bottles of wine.  2 whites and 3 reds.

$400/bottle.  Italian DOCG

$400/bottle. Italian DOCG

2 appetizers were available so we ordered both the octopus salad and baked tomato with cheese.

octopus salad

octopus salad

Large portions of octopus in a pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes and artichokes.  I loved the pesto sauce.  The octopus was good too.

Mangiare's baked tomato with cheese

Mangiare’s baked tomato with cheese

Smoky cheese on top of large peeled tomato with tiny tomatoes playing supporting cast.  Strong flavour and lots of salt.  It would have been an excellent dish without the overpowering salt taste.  The dish still taste good and the sauce was a perfect compliment to the bread.

I stuck to the pasta and bbq skewers for mains.  I was not in the mood for meat.  With a larger party in tow I would order their fish for $400.  In the back of my mind I kept asking myself “Can you just make a simple spaghetti?”  This was answered with this dish.  They hand make their pasta so if they didn’t cut any spaghetti, none will be available.

pasta with sausage

pasta with sausage

The appetizers were full of flavour so the pasta was difficult to stomach as it lacked strong flavour.  The texture of pasta shows it was made fresh.  It did taste very different.  Most italian restaurants would fry everything together with heaps of garlic and call it a day.  This was a notable surprise.

Mangiare's salmon skewers

Mangiare’s salmon skewers

The salmon had good flavour.  I can taste the marinade.  I did not enjoy the heavy charring but that’s street food.  I did enjoy the bed of arugula providing a bitter bite to the overcooked salmon.

Mangiare is a new restaurant and being trendy by HK standards, this makes it a great place to bring the family with young children in tow.  Common sense.  Thank you kindly for the stains.  I notice some of the customers like to bring their own cheap wine and beers.  Turn your brain on buddy.  Without the sales from alcohol the restaurant may operate at a loss making them unable to meet the rental demands of HK, this leaves you with fewer establishments to frequent. Their alcohol list is affordable.

The bill for 4 dishes $900.  The pricing is reasonable and the food authentic.  So long as the chef continues to stay in the kitchen, Mangiare is a winner.


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