Noodle Mi in Sheung Wan

Posted: May 21, 2015 in lunch
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Noodle Mi is vietnamese food located beside K-Roll.  It’s on par with HK style vietnamese food.  It will taste better than the more HK local vietnamese restaurants but not by much.  Each main hovers around $70.

Noodle Mi's beef pho

Noodle Mi’s beef pho

The beef pho lacked the refreshing soup taste.  The raw sprouts were a tiny pittance.  It did taste better than BEP/Nha Trang but not by much.

chicken spring roll bun

chicken spring roll bun

Chicken Spring Roll with Vietnamese Salami on vermicelli.  The chicken spring roll was made with all the right ingredients but lacked the taste and consistency of authentic vietnamese spring rolls.  Authentic vietnamese spring rolls should be twice the size with more crunch.  The salami is the generic stuff laced with a tub of MSG making you very thirsty afterwards.


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