Eternal Destiny – lifestyle brand for bjj and mma

Posted: May 14, 2015 in clothing
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Eternal Destiny is a Taiwan based with Canadian roots lifestyle brand for the bjj and mma types.  I am a big fan of their rash guards.  I love the print of them.  The clothing line is made in Taiwan with the rash guards using the Taiwan Jade fabric.  It somehow embeds Jade fibres (from the rock) into the clothing giving it the ability to cool in high heat. Jade fibre lab test results – It’s a higher quality dri-fit material made with third party products from a DuPont strategic mill partner.  I trust that it will hold up to the pulling and pushing of grappling.

2015-03-11 19.11.16

eternal destiny’s sweatshirt with a samurai helmet

I notice a lot of bjj schools in Taiwan using this brand and it sponsors quite a few tournaments.  Most winners were given some sort of Eternal Destiny apparel while local competitors were already wearing it.

2015-03-11 19.03.48

eternal destiny rashguard with jade fabric

My bjj game is terrible so this is the last kick of the can for me.  I need the powers prevalent in the material and the brand to take my game to the next level.  If you are looking for a mma lifestyle brand, give this one a try.

2015-03-11 19.09.31

another jade fabric rashguard from eternal destiny

Give the jade fabric a try as it’s constantly cold to the touch.  This is different than dri-fit fabric where it’s constantly warm.

look at the colours!

look at the colours!

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