The Best Sichuan Food in the Western District.

Posted: May 1, 2015 in dinner
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Qi in Wanchai is too far.  The average spend is around $300 per person.  Sijie in CWB is too expensive as they charge based on the number of people at $350 per person.  Zero economies of scale.  I love the sichuan spice but hate the high price tag.  I stumbled upon a Sichun restaurant in an alleyway outside Belcher’s Westwood shopping mall.  It’s my new go-to venue to Sichuan spicy foods.  The restaurant has two levels of dining with a Japanese decor.  I suspect it was a sushi restaurant in its prior life.  Cheap beers are a must for Chinese food.

no bones.  $85

no bones. $85

Sichuan Boiled Fish is good.  Same taste as one would come to expect with your desired level of spice and no bones in the fish.

Deep Fried Squid

Deep Fried Squid

It’s not a dinner without deep fried squid.  This is a staple food for dining out HK style.

$45 for this dish.

$45 for this dish.

The dish looked great but was unremarkable.  I disdain glass noodles as they are impossible to chew.  I doubt my stomach does a good job digesting it too.

stir fry cabbage in sichuan peppers

stir fry cabbage in sichuan peppers

This plate of fried cabbage would be delicious if it was served cold and marinated in vinegar.  It was served hot and the sichuan peppers made it impossible to put down.  Good but I would have loved to sample a cold version of this dish.

Four dishes for 2 people with drinks, $293.  A delicious bargain.

Give them a call for directions – 2855 0809


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