This is one restaurant to avoid unless it’s the Monday special of buy 1 get 1 free.  Else this place would be the epicentre for bad service and high pricing.  I went to dinner with a group of 6 others.  Half the group did a-la-carte and the other half did the set menu.  We waited over one hour for the food, they turned off the air-con and mistakes galore.

To start on a positive note, diners are treated to a nice basket of bread sticks.  The decor is very 70s gaudy Italian.  You would expect the band to start playing during dinner.  It’s very Sopranos-esque.  The food on the other hand is a different matter.  Italian food in HK has a tendency of underwhelming, this restaurant follows the HK norm.

The food was brought out for the group that did the set menu only to be taken away within 2 minutes.  We were told they had made a mistake and the food that was put infront was meant for take-away.  This is fine, I don’t care.  They took the food away and replaced it with the same type of food but 1/4 the original size.  Ouch.  Never again.  I was seething mad that I did not take photos.  Bad service and overpriced food.  It did taste somewhat authentic if you fancy fusion Italian Asian cuisine.  It is a great place for an intimate setting as there were no other diners in the restaurant.

I ordered the eggplant pasta but I was served the lasagna.  The waitress was adamant my lasagna was the eggplant pasta even after I cut it open to show zero eggplant present.  Mac and Cheese serving size dropped by 75%.  Stay away from the set menu.  Use the coupons if you must dine here to take the sting out of bad Italian food.

Best bet would be to give this place a pass.  If you don’t see other diners in the restaurant, keep walking.  I pay for my dinner so I get to write my own conclusion.  Panevino on Robinson is due for an update and reno.  $400/head and that’s with coupons.  Ouch.  I could have eaten Japanese Mexican food in a trendy modern decor for less money with beautiful people.


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