SG’s Catalunya created a branch of their award winning restaurant in HK 2 years ago (April 2013). It’s lineage can directly trace back to Spain’s El Bulli. I have watched from afar and on TV the types of cuisine I would never get to enjoy.  One thing to keep in mind – nothing is as it seems when dealing with a restaurant that specializes in molecular gastronomy.  A front seat for using science to add another dimension to the taste experience.

Spherical Olives – it looks like an egg yolk but once you bite down it’s olive juice that bursts into your mouth with the texture of an egg yolk.  Pungent olive taste and something I would not expect.

chocolate foie gras

chocolate foie gras

Bon Bon – looks like a regular piece of chocolate.  On taste I found the cream very rich with a stiff texture.  The bon bons have a foie gras truffle filling, not cream.  They had turned foie gras and truffle into a cream like substance.



Scallops with Soft Cerviche – nothing special except the mango mousse underneath the dried kumquats

Mushrooms sliced thin to look like pasta

Mushrooms sliced thin to look like pasta

King Mushroom Pasta with Pork Belly – I thought the pasta was undercooked as it had a chewy crunchy texture.  The pasta is not pasta but rather King Mushrooms sliced thin to look like pasta with pork belly and giant kernals of fish roe that explode on every bite.

Catalunya - Raclette

Roast meat caneloni with black truffle

A meat raclette, the roast meat was smothered in cheese and the first thing to come to mind was raclette.  Cheese taste masked everything.  The combo of heating fat and salt left a bad taste in my mouth.  I was hoping to taste the roast meat.


oxtail royale with chocolate

The crunchy vegetable on the top was the hit.  The chocolate sauce was light and the white sauce was not mashed potatoes.

Catalunya - suckling pig

suckling pig lacking the crackling

Finally a dish I can do a comparison as suckling pig is a constant menu item for this time of year (visiting the cemeteries).  Catalunya’s suckling pig lacks the crackling found in the HK equivalent.  The meat was tender and easy to seperate with a fork.  I just prefer the HK version vs. Catalunya’s interpretation.  If you order this dish, it causes a round of celebration as they throw a plate onto the floor.  I would imagine my two morsels of suckling pig cost the same amount as buying a whole suckling pig from the chinese BBQ meat vendors.  I would take a whole suckling pig on any given day.

Catalunya's Cheese plate

Desset: cheese plate

After the melted cheese over roast meat, the last thing I want is more cheese.  Anything other than cheese would have been better for dessert.

Catalunya is the best Spanish food available in HK.  I am no connoisseur as it comes to fine dining but I can appreciate food with high price tags.  Everything on the menu harked to the days of yore for those with too much money to burn.  With the dire economic conditions prevalent in Spain and Europe, I would much rather have affordable tapas rather than a way to inflate pricing.  Catalunya is great Spanish food but just lost on me.


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