Hong Kong’s one and only charcoal grill Steak House at the Intercontinental in TST

Posted: April 13, 2015 in dinner
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2015-03-05 22.45.39

the surf and turf appetizer platter.

The Intercontinental Hotel in TST houses the only steakhouse in Hong Kong using charcoal grills.  It’s a holdover from the colonial era as their competition have all folded.  This is the only place left in HK for a steak cooked with charcoal in a 5-star setting.

2015-03-05 22.19.11 (1)

cocktail shrimp the size of my fist

I was able to dine here through the generosity of one of my vendors.  Great food but terrible lighting and taking pictures was not my top priority.

interncontinetal's the Steak House

the cheapest steak on the menu at $798

The cheapest steak on the menu for $798.  I could not even finish the appetizer platter of seafood so I elected to go easy on the red meat.  The only choices on the menu are tenderloins and ribeyes with ample selection encompassing the globe from Australia to the USA.  USDA Prime, Canada Angus Beef and Japanese A5 Wagyu, this place would be a carnivore’s delight.

2015-03-05 22.46.33


As with most high end steakhouses, the sides are extra.  The pricing you see on the menu is solely for the cut of beef.  The sides were nothing to write home about but I ordered their Mac and Cheese and sauteed mushrooms with broccoli.  The service and attention to detail make the dining special.  They provide a wide assortment of different cutting instruments to break apart the steak.  It’s interesting to see the steak knives of different cultures.  American knives are big compared to Japanese knives whereas the Mediterranean knives represent gentlemen’s knives more geared to cutting an apple.  It was an interesting experience to return to table cloths and dim lighting but I’ll take my blue collar truck stop diner food over fine dining any day.  It is nice to break the monotony once in a while.

The Steak House wine bar + grill also has a michelin star.  If you plan to do it, book a lunch reservation to keep the pricing sane unless you are on company dime.


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