Hung Fook Charcoal BBQ and Hot Pot – Kowloon’s To Kwa Wan District

Posted: April 10, 2015 in dinner
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I had the fortune of dining at a charcoal bbq grill and hot pot restaurant over the weekend.  I would have pegged a charcoal bbq and hot pot restaurant to be simiar to a beer garden but this was a legitimate indoor restaurant properly vented with air conditioning.  It’s in the same class of 5 star dining where one sits on plastic stools and the tables lack the while linens.  Cheap beers are a staple here.  This is as local as it can get.  The air conditioning blows ice cold so bring a jacket.  The location is off the main street so you have to look for signage which directs you into an alleyway.  I think it’s a great venue to host out of town friends.

look at the charcoal

They line the table with stones so the charcoal grill will not burn through. Look at the giant black spots.

They have a wide assortment of traditional hot pot soups, we went with the fish head.

Hot Pot

hot pot sitting on top of the fire

For the BBQ section, everything you would come to imagine.  They also make a great creamy mushroom pasta on a bed of chinese noodles.

BBQ and Hot Pot

best of both worlds, one fire for bbq and another for hot pot

I was too busy playing with fire to take photos.  The final tally was $350/person for 4 guys.  Corkage is $20.

Phone: 23650112


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