Fresh Made Japanese Ramen Noodles in Central – Shugetsu Ramen

Posted: March 31, 2015 in dinner, food, lunch
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constant lineups during lunch time

constant lineups during lunch time

Shugetsu is a ramen joint on Gough Street in Central.  It is suppose to be the best ramen shop in HK.  Once you hit the corner of Aberdeen and Gough, the line will draw you in.  Shugetsu’s ramen is made fresh throughout the day.  This is the noodle machine.

noodle making machine

noodle making machine

It’s quite the interesting experience.  You make your order while in the line up so the food is ready when you sit down.  Tsukemen is their signature dish which is fried ramen noodles with egg and pork broth.  Be sure to have your fried ramen done with a smaller portion of oil.  You are given a choice for the noodle serving size irrespective of price $88, 100g, 200g and 300g.  The broth is meant for you to dip the noodles.  Once you are done consuming the large bowl of noodles they pour chicken stock into broth for you to consume as soup.  I am told the rich broth is a great cure for hangovers.

$88 HKD ramen

signature dish – Tsukemen. lightly pan fried ramen noodles and a bowl of hearty soup to dip.

It’s a decent bowl of ramen noodles.  I am told it is the real thing when it comes to authenticity for ramen noodles in HK.  On my next visit I will make sure I am nursing a hangover to test the validity of the broth’s ability to cure hangovers.


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