HK’s Young Master Ales and their Rye on Wood review

Posted: March 18, 2015 in beer
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$70/pint @ Linguini Fini on Elgin.

Young Masters Rye on Wood

Young Masters Rye on Wood

This is a very interesting beer as they put it through new American oak which is suppose to impart flavours of cream soda, vanilla and coconut.  The beer has a very subtle but distinct wood flavour without being sweet or bitter.  It is easy to drink with a flavour profile at the finish which I cannot pinpoint.  It must be the creamy finish as I am not use to put creamy things into my mouth.  The colour of the beer is reminiscence of juice.  Young Master Ales is brewed locally in Hong Kong so it is one of the few craft beers that can actually capitalize on the trend.  I don’t consume craft beers brewed in the USA or Canada while in HK.  I look to beers brewed locally to get a real feel for the culture and environment.


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