BJJ Gi off Alibaba. New Alibaba record 2 W: 1 L.

Posted: March 16, 2015 in fitness, work out
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BJJ has taken the mix martial arts world by storm. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is gaining in popularity but it needs the Olympic governing body to sanction it for the sport to really gain recognition. Olympic status grants the sport one thing that makes BJJ out of reach for most, funding from the government making it extremely affordable. Olympic sports like Boxing, Tae Kwan Do and Judo are available to the masses whereas BJJ is only affordable with those with excess cash. It’s a different world in HK where rents drive the cost of everything through the roof.

In North America, I pay $150 USD per month for unlimited BJJ and Muay Thai. In HK, BJJ alone is over $1000 HKD per month and Muay Thai on a NA training regime would be $200 HKD per class. The economics of it don’t make sense. Another thing is the proximity to China where all the equipment is made. BJJ Gis are $150-$200 in NA but still cost roughly the same amount in HK. I would imagine the Gis should be significantly cheaper. Luckily there is Alibaba and $50 USD gets you a blank gi from Pakistan.

Blank BJJ gi

third time is the charm of Alibaba. My alibaba record is now 2:1.

I support gyms that put a big emphasis on learning.  It’s extremely tough to find instructors that have a passion to teach and pass down their knowledge.  It is not the HK way to pass out knowledge as they never want their minions to put them out of a job so you will notice they will always reserve things for their own.  I find Judo and BJJ complimentary.  The usual skill set is wrestling and BJJ which is the MMA norm.

The two main Judo stomping grounds in Hong Kong can be found in CWB and SSP’s sport centre.  If you plan to learn and train legitimate Judo in HK, seek out Judo guys that speak fluent Japanese else you may fall victim to the HK Judo racket.  These guys do not practice out of CWB and SSP but google will assist in your search.  Everyone will have a website.

Next we have BJJ, lots of legitimate schools in Hong Kong.  It’s similar to NA, first class is free so make a habit to visit and get a feel for each school.  Stay away from the schools that charge membership fees.  If you practice BJJ, you will be able to weed out the schools rather quickly.  Look for the schools with a laid-back friendly atmosphere and top instruction.  Most of the coveted instructors under report their achievements.  The HK goal is to embellish your achievements in the hopes it draws a large student population.  Black belts are good but few black belts make great instructors.  Find the gym which works for you.

gold weave

gold weave in my navy blue gi

bjj pants

rip stop bjj pants

BJJ top detailing

grey highlights

BJJ in HK needs instructors with a real emphasis on growing the sport by taking advantage of the mat space at the community centres.  On days when the judo/taekwando/karate guys don’t train, the same space can be used for rolling.  To secure a space to operate a gym is a labour a love, once you grow it to sufficient size the rent hike will force you out giving you the opportunity to start all over again.


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