The Best Pizza in HK, Al Forno Pizzeria.

Posted: March 13, 2015 in dinner, lunch
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If I want a New York pizza or a Chicago deep dish, I would hop on over there to take it all in.  As my current disappointment continues with Mexican and Vietnamese food, it was time to sample something delectably HK to go with my current zest for craft beers.  Que Al Forno Pizzeria on Aberdeen Street and Staunton.  Their location is a short uphill jaunt up from the busy section of Staunton and PMQ.  Big business chains do not need my support but true small business where you can taste the passion do indeed.

Al Forno Pizzeria has been at the same location for the past 3 years.  They have gone through a host of changes with each iteration bettering the previous by a wide margin.  Gone from the drinks menu are generic beers and replaced with craft beers.  Diners may not pay $40 for a Tsing Tao they can buy for $10 at the local 7-11 but they will pay $70 for a pint of beer they cannot purchase at the local supermarket.  Smart business decision as it makes you a repeat customer to sample their taps.

Al Forno Pizzeria

Al Forno’s New World Hula Hula Pizza

Pizzas will always taste good so long as it is made fresh served piping hot, to the point it sears the top of your mouth.  The crust had great texture.  It never did get soggy over the course of meal vs. Motorino’s pizza which quickly turns to wet.  The fact each slice has its own sliver of pineapple shows great attention to detail.  I enjoyed it.

Al Forno's Classic Pizza

Polla Pizza

I also enjoyed their Polla Pizza, it’s part of their classic old world menu which is suppose to be more rustic.  I wish I had been more adventurous to order their taco chicken, bulgogi beef or China chicken options.  I showed up and let them decide and they made it happen.  Everything was washed down with craft beer which was served in a chilled tall boy stein.  It’s an affordable meal for two guys which is keeping in Aberdeen Street tradition.


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