Triple O: peanut butter bacon and jalenpeno burger

Posted: March 12, 2015 in dinner, expensive, food, lunch
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Triple O’s Peanut Butter, Bacon and Jalapeno Burger


$60 for the peanut butter, bacon and jalapeno burger and extra $25 to make it a combo.  I like my burgers to be savory so it’s a different mouth feel to have a sweet bite and peanut crunch.  I would not eat again as there are better options but the large signage caught my attention so I felt the need to try.  Good marketing campaign.


The inner workings of the burger, not enough white sauce.


A quick query will show White Spot added this flavour to their menu lineup back in 2012 and now three years later it arrives in Hong Kong.  It seems to be more a novelty item than anything else.  I rather stick to McDonald’s.

Take a look at the hamburger pattie.  It’s neither red, plump nor juicy.  The slice of bacon is hard and brittle.  I go to Triple O’s solely for the milkshakes (a $30 substitute) and poutine ($10 substitute).  By the time I have the combo customized to my liking it’s close to $130-$150 at which point I can enjoy a real burger at a sit down restaurant.  Triple O never again.


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