HK’s Young Master Ales and their Pumpkin Peach Ale

Posted: March 10, 2015 in beer
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Craft beers is slowly starting to take over HK.  Tap Takeovers for new releases is a great way for the breweries to support the bars.  Young Master Ales being brewed locally is slowly taking over all the taps in HK which is great news.  You don’t drink a brewski in HK imported from Europe nor North America.  The whole point is to taste the local flavour.

YMA's Pumpkin Peach Ale

YMA’s Pumpkin Peach Ale

A pint of local beer is about $70.  My first beer will always be a craft  beer variety then after which each subsequent beer will be of the cheaper variety as the numb feeling takes over the palette.  I could not taste the peach nor the pumpkin, on my palette the beer was rather mint note.  It’s still good so long as it tastes different but I was hoping for a burst of fruit flavour like a hefeweizen.  This beer was consumed at the Roundhouse on Peel street in Central as part of the tap takeover program.  I’m still on the prowl for Young Master’s HK Black which most bars seem to have run dry.


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