Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Beer

Posted: March 9, 2015 in beer
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breakfast in a can

oatmeal beer



I love the fact beers can be engineered to taste different.  With wines, the terroirs prevalent in the different growing conditions and regions do the job so you find similar grapes tasting different.  I love the fact beer is simple, you prefer the taste of oatmeal, we add oats to the brew so it provides the taste.  The only difference is beers allow the brewmaster’s imagination to run wild.   I love the taste of oatmeal so I should be a perfect client for the beer yet I associate oatmeal with a healthy breakfast so I do not enjoy the taste while poisoning myself.  Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout does taste the part, it’s heavy with a true oatmeal taste.  I would not buy again.  I am waiting for a brewery to release a ginseng beer and others made with traditional chinese medicines (TCM).  The TCM ingredients will taste bad so I might as well wash it down with beer.  Food for thought, make it happen.


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