egg waffle cart in Kennedy Town

wood fire egg waffle cart

The best egg waffles can only be found during night time on one of the corners in the intersection of Smithfield Road and Belcher’s Street.  The gentleman making the egg waffles use wood as heat source which is suppose to impart a distinct taste.  It’s $20/bag vs. $10/bag at the legitimate stores.  The only difference being the heat source.  The street vendor is constantly fanning an open flame making it dangerous around small children and crowded areas.  Luckily his egg waffles are not available during the day time, it is only available after dark when the police officers are nowhere to be found.  The egg waffles from the wood fire cart is as traditional as it gets.

traditional egg waffles

close up of the work area for the best egg waffles in Kennedy Town

A colleague of mine told me to bring the waffle iron to the next bbq so we can make it ourselves.  Typical of HK attitude, it’s so simple you can do it yourself.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Hey PDW,
    I saw this egg waffle man briefly past winter..and today I thought of I googled him..THANK GOD YOU WROTE ABOUT HIM. Does he come out during the summer? I’m SO CURIOUS!

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