TenRen’s supermarket teas – Ti Kuan Yin Tea review

Posted: February 25, 2015 in tea
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I think Ten Ren Teashops make the best bubble tea in HK. Their in store product offering runs the whole gamut of price range from affordable to expensive. The affordable teas are even more so if you purchase at the supermarkets.  $20 HKD per bag (185 grams) as it’s currently on a buy one get one free special for $40.  To buy direct from their stores will be $59/bag.  This is their Iron Goddess of Mercy/Ti Kuan Yin tea.

2015-02-19 16.10.55

Taste: sweet burnt nuts but no lasting sweet finish.

The brewing instructions is the first noticeable difference.  It tells you to let steep for 3 minutes prior to drinking rather than multiple 30 secs to 1 min steep periods found in their more high end products.  On first taste the tea taste good.  You are drinking tea so its assisting in detox of body which is a good sign for the new year.  This is one of those teas where it is perfect to drink within the confines of home but not to share with others. Do not bother with a second brew as the flavour disappears.

2015-02-19 16.11.03

I enjoy the simplicity of the supermarket tea purchase.  The tea will lack the depth of flavour of the most expensive tea shops but one thing to note is the offerings found inside supermarkets have pass muster for their purchasing department.  They should only offer products which meet their stringent needs or in HK’s case, monopolistic profit margins.  ParkNshop is far from being Costco but buying tea is large quantities (1 KG) will make your taste buds bland in quick succession.  Affordable teas give it a chance to surprise you.  One thing I notice when I purchase very nice things, it doesn’t make me look nice.  Teas are a perfect example, expensive teas don’t make me a better person when compared to drinking more affordable teas.  I only buy high end teas at Costco when I can purchase in bulk and without Costco’s presence in HK, I need alternate measures.  Give it a try as Taiwan is suppose to be one area where scandals are not part of daily life.

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    Tea review yay!

    -Hot Leaf Juice Tea

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