Cass Beer review – 759 special

Posted: February 24, 2015 in beer

759 has a nice variety of beers that is off the beaten path, not available at supermarkets and native to other areas.  These 3 characteristics should bring about the boom to HK’s craft beer scene.  There’s only one problem, the beers are expensive once you factor in shipping costs.  I love my craft beers but I am also cheap.  Craft beers are good for the first beer to kick off the night after which my numbing taste buds revert back to cheap drink.  759 beers are cheap.  Cass beer tastes like normal light korean beer.  I would imagine this is the Budweiser of Korea and Yanjing in China.

Cass Beer

Nothing special, just cheap and light tasting.  This won’t win awards but numbing your taste buds with each subsequent sip makes this a winner at the price point.


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