Chinese New Year Night Market at CWB’s Victoria Park

Posted: February 20, 2015 in discovery, POV
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I thought HK’s population density was terrible on a normal day, I never did expect it could get worst.  The annual Chinese New Year Night Market is a perfect display of population density and fire hazard.  You are crammed into a confined space so tight it makes the sardine can look roomy.  Everyone behind is pushing to get forward, calm heads and a thick skin will need to prevail in this instance as blowing your top will leave all parties in a disgruntled state trudging along as together for the indefinite tour.

CWB Victoria Park, night market

Cattle entering the slaughterhouse.

If you must make a visit, go during the day when the sun is still out as once nightfall takes hold everyone with free time is out in a ample show of force.  Leave the strollers at home and wear good shoes, no need to dress warmly as it will get hot.  Take a look at HK couples, the BF holds the GF and they walk in unison.  I disdain listening to HK girls talking in their high pitched ‘cute’ voice.

HK bf life

Prevention measure for groping. Dude, no one wants to grope your gf.

The whole point of the night market is to buy knick knacks and trinkets.  The night markets on the Kowloon side is geared for tourists.  The annual Chinese New Year night market is geared towards locals with trinkets meant to appeal to the local tastes and lots of flowers.  Flowers are more expensive as people are caught up in spending money over the holidays.  You can get a better deal buying from the neighborhood flower stores.

flowers for CNY

$15 per pod compared to $10 at the store. make sure you buy in quantities of 5 as anything less is too few.

You have to experience this first hand.  Someone needs to yell FIRE into the crowds to experience a real melee and put HK crowd control on notice.  This place is a fire hazard so leave the kids at home at night.  I will never go back.


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