BBQ and Beer in Mong Kok, seek out BBQ restaurants rather than bars.

Posted: February 17, 2015 in dinner, drinks
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Bars are the quintessential meet spot to catch up with friends, it’s also a great way to be surrounded by other guys.  The last thing I want is to be in a drunk sausage party and eating bad food.  One thing I miss about Beijing is the abundance of BBQ skewers and cheap beer; thus, on the prowl for a BBQ joint to curb both cravings at once.  Japanese Yakitori joints have delicious skewers but it also comes with the giant price tag.  I love drinking and eating on the cheap.  I found ON ON BBQ with a giant line around 8pm.  I went back at 9pm in the hopes of grabbing a table.  I love HK hospitality:  table for 2, you can’t sit at our empty table as it’s for 4 people.  Let’s forget about the fact it’s getting late and you will not seat anymore walk in customers but we will let those waiting for a smaller table continue to wait.  The only saving grace was cold beer.

2015-02-12 21.40.41

ON ON BBQ in Mong Kok

This BBQ restaurant has both Hoegaarden and Kronenbourg Blancs on tap for $65.  I stick to my Tsing Tao bottles for $16.  Skol is $11.  There’s a beer challenge with the Hoegaardens, drinking X amount in under 10 minutes will net you a free meal.  The staff could not be bothered to tell me more, scared.

2015-02-12 22.00.25

corn, meatballs and chicken cartilage

BBQ corn, I like corn on the cob rolled in butter better.  The meatballs were nothing special but it did have a nice sprinkling of cumin.  The cartilage was good.

2015-02-12 22.00.32

beef skewer

The beef was tender and moist, drenched in sauce.

2015-02-12 22.00.47

bbq chicken wings

The chicken wings were cooked well with the inside still moist.  It didn’t have too much taste but the wings were big.

2015-02-12 22.05.42

bbq eggplant

The BBQ eggplant was good.  BBQ’ed on one side with cumin and hot peppers on the others.

2015-02-12 22.11.51

bbq mushrooms

Mushrooms were alright.  Nothing spectacular.

One thing to note, do not order BBQ fruits.  Why?  You have lost all the succulent juice that makes the fruit healthy!  Many of the menu items were quite innovative but I stuck to the originals.  I don’t need everything covered in ‘white’ sauce.

All things considered, this was a cheap meal with 4 bottles of Tsing Taos for $250.  I would go again if I happen to be in the area but would probably seek out other BBQ options.  If you go later at night (after 9pm) it is 15% off.  With the lack of space for a BBQ at home, it’s best to enjoy this at the restaurants.  Next time I may check out the BBQ pits by the beach.  I may never step foot into another bar going forward as I get better quality food for the same price without the need to drink myself into a coma.


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