Montes Purple Angel 2011 – another wine from Chile

Posted: February 12, 2015 in wine
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I have high hopes for Chilean Wines.  I find the wines easy to drink with my only other Chile experience being Sena.  It’s a full body wine without the refreshing taste compared to Sena.  I drank the wine with 3 other friends and it was acceptable for all.  Chile wines enjoy tax free status in China so be prepared to fight China’s wealthy to gain access to Purple Angel, Sena and Almaviva.  It’s a rich and spicy wine but I did not detect the herbal, oak, red fruits, licorice and chocolate notes as per the pro taste buds.  The wine was not jammy when compared to Spanish wines.  Purple Angel is a good one for those with a American palette.

2015-02-10 16.44.38


Winery: Montes

Appelation: Colchagua Valley

Varietals: 92% Carmenere (cherry, smoky, spicy, dark chocolate, tobacco and leather) and 8% Petit Verdot (added to impart tannins and spice).

Chilean wines are best drunk young.


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