Anderson Valley Brewing’s IPA review

Posted: January 23, 2015 in beer
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It tastes like an IPA should but it did not stand out.  The taste was quickly forgotten.  I should note I am not a big fan of IPAs so it really needs to taste different to wow me.  $24/bottle at 7% alcohol content.  I should have purchased their oatmeal stout as the ingredients consist of food I love.  Alas, I did not purchase the beer.  This beer is worth a try as the pricing is friendly on the wallet.

Anderson Valley IPA

Anderson Valley IPA

Taste – lots of hops so expect bitterness and scent of pine/evergreen trees.  It is a strong flavour bold profile typical of IPAs.

It’s the wrong season to be drinking IPAs.

Variation in pricing among the local craft beer suppliers: $26 @ Soho Wines, $24 @ Hopleaf, $30 @ Craftissimo


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