Honey – it’s good for you.

Posted: January 22, 2015 in breakfast
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If you are allergic to the changing of the seasons (hayfever), consume honey.  It loads your body with pollen so you no longer have to adjust on the fly as your body has developed the immunity to it already.  This only works if you consume local honey.  HK honey will have the HK pollen in it.  If you consume honey from regions outside of HK, the pollens found inside will not be of the same variety found in HK; therefore, useless.  The honey must also be unpasteurized.  The pasteurization process kills the enzymes making it just sugar, bad.  A jar of honey to mix into your drinks is cheaper than making your body depend on antihistamines.


Raw honey is extremely beneficial to your health.  Health benefits: natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (sore throats), regulates blood sugar, low GI index, helps digestion, dose of prebiotics etc.  It’s good for you so make sure you consume it.

I use to keep a jar in the office to mix with my tea, now I put it into oatmeal so I get the sugars into the body first thing in the morning.


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