Fish Ball Soup Noodles – DIY.

Posted: January 16, 2015 in dinner, food, lunch
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Soup noodles range from $16 to $50.  You want to find a place that makes their own fishballs and wontons.

There’s a fishball maker in Kennedy Town and they are always busy, constant line ups and they close early too.  The MTR station to Kennedy Town was recently put in service and with it, rents are expected to go through the roof.  I don’t know if the fishball people own their premise but it’s best to sample their fresh fishballs while they are still available.  As is typical for HK, gentrification will result in the China-fication and loss of HK’s independent identity.  I am told the HK fishballs taste better than China fishballs.  My GF will tell you the HK fishballs are more refined.

constant lineups

They have a wide assortment of fishballs.  Stick to the expensive version to be safe.  The cheap fishballs purchased at the ParkNshop and Wellcome will blow up in size when dumped in boiling water.  They shrink down after cooling.  Now imagine the type of ingredients that go into it and the number it will do inside your stomach.  It would be best to not put your health at risk.

fresh fish balls

Kennedy Town – fresh fishballs

deep fried fish balls

Kennedy Town – deep fried fish in the background

soup noodle ingredients

my bag of tricks, fresh everything: fishballs, vegetables and noodles.

At home, cold soak everything first.  The noodles do not need to go through the normal cooking process of blanching in boil water.  Since they are fresh you will need to cold soak it.  Blanching the noodles will overcook it and you will end up eating the noodles with a spoon as it breaks apart and turns into mush.

Step 1 – vegetables go into the pot once you bring the water to boil.

rabbit food going in

rabbit food going in

Step 2 – this is where it gets tricky, you need to pop the fishballs in before the vegetables are fully cooked.  The fishballs are already cooked but you need to pop it into the soup so it imparts their flavours.


Step 3 – fresh noodles go in for a quick sprint. 10 secs max.

scrambled eggs on top

eggs go with everything

pork and mushroom ball

close up of the pork and mushroom ball

2015-01-04 13.01.33

Total cost – $60 for two people.  It might be similar pricing to eating at the fishball soup noodle restaurants but the fresh ingredients make all the difference.  Restaurants will skimp whenever possible.  Eat fresh, eat at home.


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