It’s Winter and HK mall owners still feel the need use aircon throughout their premises. I find it colder inside than outside. This behaviour is alright in the summer when I need to run inside to beat the heat but is this required during cold months as well?

I have been on the hunt for a wind shell. Wind Shells seem to be a strictly Hong Kong phenomenon. Take a nylon track jacket and make it convenient enough to stuff into a small shopping bag so people can take it everywhere. The wind shells make a big difference between being comfortable and freezing while indoors. The branded wind shells serve a single purple and most stores will have it from Aigle to Uniqlo.

notice lack of drawstrings and pockets

fighting off the cold brought on by aircon units in the winter, only in HK.

new velcro won't catch on clothing

new velcro won’t catch on clothing

I decided it would be in my best interest to find one from my favorite outdoor brand in Canada, Westcomb. My only requirements being light and offering protection from wind, similar to the HK stuff but different in the small details. Que the Focus LT Hoody, the Ferrari of Spring Shells.  The hoody is made to pack small and lightweight at 200 grams.  It is made out of eVent DVL which is their ePTFE membrane making this jacket waterproof on top of being windproof.  Perfect.  It should perform well at both keeping the wet out and letting the sweat out; it can’t protect against humidity which is a shame.  It’s light as it lacks the polyurethane layer of previous eVent shells.  The small detail of printing on the side of the jacket performs a specific function.  The white colour is the DVL membrane.  The black lines aside from being aesthetically pleasing is polyurethane which provides structure and acts as a layer to prevent full contact of your skin from damaging the membrane.  Neat stuff.



this is the technology – I borrowed the photo of eVent’s website.

eVent membrane

this is the ePTFE membrane technology – white is the membrane and black is the PU print

eVent, small zipper and taped seams

a small zipper to cut back on weight, taped seams

no drawstring

elastics provide the tight fit, Westcomb did away with drawstrings to shave weight

It wouldn’t be right to only buy a nice jacket for myself without one for the gf as well.  Fuse LT Hoody for the wifey.  It is made out of Polartec’s Neoshell.  Fuse LT is a hardshell so you will need to size up so it can fit over top of all the layers you plan to wear underneath.  I was hoping to buy the female version of the Focus LT hoody but Outdoor Shop does not carry it.  Review the Polartec Neoshell next.

Westcomb Outerwear can be purchased at the Outdoor Store in TST’s Silvercord Shopping Mall on Canton Road. .  Westcomb is 20% off at the moment.

The sample stores in Wanchai offer Mountain Hardwear, Outdoor Research and Blackyak.  I have yet to find Westcomb but when I do, it will show the brand has ‘made it’.


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