HK is a tough environment for pizza.  Pizza Huts are everywhere.  Paisanos owns the convenient large slice post drinking market except they are not open late.  The neapolitan style pizzas have arrived in Hong Kong and the pizza joints were busy with the stereotypical rush to try something new and trendy.  It’s my turn to try it after the rage has died down considerably and I can eat in peace.

Motorino is NY style pizza in Hong Kong.  It’s located off the Mid-Levels escalator at a very convenient and Central location across from Pure.  3 pizzas, 2 plates of 3 chicken wings and a salad for 4 people.  The wine list did not peak my interest so we decided to purchase our own and pay the corkage ($250).  The pizzas have one thing in common, very generous toppings.  3 different pizzas all with generous portions of vegetable toppings: mushroom, arugula and brussel sprouts.  The pizzas look big so we had planned to only order 2 amongst 4 people.  I would recommend each person ordering their own pizza.  They’re large enough to finish on your own and small enough to share with everyone.

HK Motorino's Mushroom Pizza

mushroom pizza

The generous portions in toppings also made all the pizzas sloppy and wet.  My understanding of Neapolitan pizza is thin crust, 90 seconds in 900 degree wood fired oven with a light and fluffy crust with a crispy edge and charred spots.  Generally uncut to preserve the soft thin centre and toppings.  The Motorino pizzas arrived cut for convenience and in uniform shape.  It taste good when eaten at the restaurant, they are sure to go bad for take out.

Motorino chicken wings

Motorino chicken wings

Chicken wings are nothing special.

brusell sprouts pizza

brusell sprouts pizza

Arugula pizza was wet.  Brusell Sprouts pizza was less wet.  I love the charring.  Too much crust.


pinot noir pairs well with pizza


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