Handpicked Signature Wines – 2012 Tasmania Pinot Noir

Posted: January 9, 2015 in wine
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I drank this wine at Motorino.  It went down well with their neapolitan pizza (charring).  Most red wines would not pair well with neapolitan pizza as the charring would overwhelm the strong taste of most reds.  You will need to find a light tasting red that will not fight your taste buds.  I didn’t want to drink white so my only option was Pinot Noir.  Pinots are cold weather grapes not fit for all climates.  Since it is hard to grow and not fit for most environments, you will find small production and high prices.

Handpicked wineries have a very interesting story.   It’s owned by a rich China businessman that is upending the traditional wine market in Australia.  He doesn’t own the winery but rather solely sources the grape which leaves the business nimble in the types of wine they create, the style and region no longer represents a hindrance.   This should allow them to produce what they feel is the best wines so long as the grapes they are sourcing are the bumper crop for the year.

Tasmania is now an up and coming region which makes it the envy of food production.  You have a remote climate that is now opening itself up for all things.  Consumers demand new and Tasmania is able to provide this.

Pinot Noirs are not aged in oak barrels so they will lack the strong manly flavours found in most reds.  I liked the long caramel finish.  My taste buds can’t disdain the exact taste of berries so it’s a subtle berry medley.   It looks like my wine consumption is creeping upwards in price range.  This bottle was $700HKD.  I find $500HKD as the tipping point for wines to consume with others.


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