Morrocan Wines.

Posted: January 8, 2015 in wine
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I got to sample 5 different wines.  Suffice to say I stumbled home after promising only to drink a tiny portion to taste.  The only wine to stand out through all of this after sleeping on it and piecing it altogether the next morning – tandem’s Syrah.  My whole goal when it comes to wine consumption is to sample areas off the beaten path.  There’s no point drinking wines at high price points as the law of diminishing returns take hold.

tandem is named for a collaboration between a French wine maker and Moroccan winery.  tandem Syrah by Alain Gailllot.  It’s a strong tasting wine with notes of spicy berries.  tandem is the best of the bunch out of Morocco.  Leave it to the French influence.  Sad.

tandem syrah

the star of the night – tandem

morocco thalvin morocco cabernet morocco cb signature morocco thalvin rouge


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