2014-12-31 21.16.21

9% alcohol content and $51/bottle.  The red label and short bottle makes it stand out.  It tastes like cherry cough syrup.  I need craft beers to taste different but in a good way.  I was expecting big things with this beer because of the high price point and the Belgian influence.  In the beer world, anything Belgian will denote great things as the Belgian brewing process is legendary.  Japanese and their love of perfecting recipes and processes should have made this award winning.  Kaizen does not apply to Kagua, spent all the funds on the packaging and forgot about perfecting the taste.

The current trend in the craft beer world is to design and promote while contracting out the heavy lifting found in the brewing process.  The trend works well for everyone as it lowers the barrier to entry.  Beer geeks get to focus on taste and breweries focus on manufacturing.  There’s no risk in sourcing locations, failed batches and raising funds.  I love it.  I’m going to commission my own milk tea beer.


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