Matso’s Ginger Beer and Stone’s Green Ginger Wine

Posted: January 5, 2015 in beer
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Ginger is good for you.  It can be found in most dishes of Asian origin.  I eat a sliver a ginger every morning with oatmeal and papaya.  It’s suppose to curb inflammation, curb upset stomachs, provide appetite, coughs, arthritis, cramps and make farts smell nice.  I read the Matso’s Ginger beer recipe is well guarded and known only to a few yet I find the taste similar to Stone’s Green Ginger wine.  One may as well celebrate with the original recipe and the long tradition.  $45 @ Soho Wines, $34 @ bestbevhk and $39 @ The Bottle Shop.  I was hoping the craft beer stores provide a more curated personal selection only available at their locations rather than at most others.

Ginger beers usually taste terrible so I avoid it as past experience has taught me to expect the worst.  Matso’s Ginger beer is a pleasant surprise.  It’s sweet and tangy with just enough bite to heat to give it the ginger bite.  3.5% alcohol and $45/bottle.

2014-12-31 21.23.08

Matso’s Ginger Beer

A better alternative to Matso’s ginger beer would be Stone’s Green Ginger Wine.  The taste is very similar but Stones is not a craft brewery.  Matso does a great job of mimicking the Stone’s taste.  In typical English tradition, Stones does a great job of telling you their elixir is good for your health and a cure-all fix for most ailments.  Matso lacks the same cure-all punch.

stone's ginger wine


Just get more ginger into your system.  Every little bit helps.


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