Hot Toys and their ability to bring out the kids in us

Posted: January 2, 2015 in shopping
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Hot Toys has been conquering the giant kids in all of us. They are the producer of Hollywood box office memorabilia, Marvel in particular. The toys are quite popular among the male demographic.  The toys are always on pre-order in North America so my friends figure since the toys are produced in HK, it should be available here.  In typical PDW fashion, I get tasked to do the heavy lifting.

The Hot Toys Secret Base can be found on the 20th floor of Sino Centre is MK.  The Secret Base is wall to wall display of every single replica the company has produced.  Great.  This should be a cake walk.  There are no prices on the models.  Uh Oh.  It turns out the Secret Base is solely set up for pre-orders.  It is a one year lead time until you take delivery of your highly detailed models.  One thing becomes woefully apparent on entrance, the company is a licensing juggernaut.  Terminator, Predator and all things Marvel.  Even in NA, I would have a tough time finding ample room to display this stuff.  I can’t imagine hording this stuff in HK.

iron man figurines

iron man


predator figurines


It gets better.  Hot Toys has a retail location in CTMA Centre which is located behind Sino Centre.  The only problem is the CTMA store is big but there is only one wall of models available for sale and they are of the variety that collectors do not want.  To make the journey to Hot Toys is the same as going to a 5-star hotel buffet and being told you can’t eat.  You can pay but you can’t eat.  WTF.


available for purchase

Sino Centre’s first 4 floors are devoted to toys and games.  If you are dead set on purchasing a Hot Toys branded replica, these vendors will have it.  You will pay more than ordering from Hot Toys but you receive the instant gratification of being able to purchase on the spot.  Do not throw away the box.  The toys are the variety you put into display cases.  It’s no cheaper than buying in North America, it starts around $1500HKD and $200+ USD.  Can you at least sell me a t-shirt so I have something to show for this pilgrimage?

2014-12-31 14.00.13

China manufacturing and painstaking detail work.  Perfect example of China manufacturing prowess.


  1. Peter Lam says:

    My friend just put down a couple of G’s for set of Star Wars figures at Hot Toys (pre-order, of course). I asked him where he has the space to display them… turns out he doesn’t. He just puts them in a storage box, as ‘an investment’ for his toddler boy. Go figure…

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