Hong Kong has a long list of food and drink importers.  Next time you are in the supermarket, take a look at the back of the packaging to find the local supplier.  In most instances, the supplier will sell direct so long as you buy by the box.  It’s Christmas so I am in the market for bubbly – Dom Perignon.  Watson’s Wine, HK’s largest online wine store retails it for $2k/bottle.  A quick google query shows a number of wholesalers that supply the wines to restaurants and hotels, the same bottle is now $900/bottle so long as you buy a case of 6.  In essence it is two for the price of one.  The same thing for my Japanese yogurt, the supplier to ParkNShop will only charge you $20/box so long as you buy a case of 12.  As long as I am not paying to a rich tycoon (Li Ka Shing) to whom I am sure does not need more cash from me, I will be happy.  www.wine-searcher.com for anything alcohol related.

ParkNshop and Wellcome use the majority of the same suppliers, in certain instances they import themselves cutting out the local supply chain.  The local suppliers are happy to supply at wholesale as they still make their margins.  I once had a supplier charge me retail pricing, I figure I was getting a deal only to see City Super selling it for the same price.  When dealing with suppliers, better bring a sharp pencil.  They will be glad to charge retail to those that don’t know better.

759 and Big Mart 360 is slowly eating away at the supermarket duopoly in Hong Kong.  I wouldn’t buy my wines from ParkNshop and Wellcome because a quick look at the label will show it is sourced in the grey market.  There is no need for French wines to make the trip to North America first, it’s also a good way of ensuring the wine is now vinegar.  Take a look at the back of the bottles.  I notice 759 stocking more product out of Eastern Europe and Turkey.  Must be a Mediterranean thing.

For clothing, there are wholesale markets on the Kowloon side which provides everything you need to buy in large quantities to resell back home.  Lai Chi Kok is home to textile juggernaut Li & Fung and in this district you will find all the overstock, suppliers and spillover from businesses that service this client.  The majority of the stuff is the korean clothing variety that is all the rage in the Causeway Bay district.

Lai Chi Kok's wholesale markets

Lai Chi Kok

Check out the inside, clothing is purchased in bulk and stuffed into the stereotypical HK red, white and blue bag for the start of the journey.  The majority of the stores will have signs stating they have garment manufacturing facilities in China so this will be the place to start on your journey to manufacture your own line.  They will also sell in smaller quantities but the majority of the buyers are here to buy in bulk.

clothing markets

Clothing maze

It’s also a good place to buy handmade jewelry before it makes it way onto the shelves of Zara.  A friend of mine curates her own collection of goods to resell back home.  This is the type of place she needs to visit.  Last time I sent her to Shum Shui Po without local knowledge.  Next time she is in time, Lai Chi Kok’s wholesale market will be her destination.

handmade jewelery


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