I got a call from a clown at Collins & Kent International (CKI) trying to peddle art as an investment.  I lose enough money on my own, I don’t need a consultant assisting me into a realm to which I know nothing.  If you have to cold call to find “investors” you may as well close up shop.  If one is really into art, the big auction houses will gladly assign a rep to handle your account.  There is no real need to go elsewhere.  Art galleries are a great way to launder money.  I am not saying Collins & Kent is a fraudulent business but take a look at the following investment thesis:   http://90million.blogspot.hk/2012/07/guaranteed-9-return-something-doesnt.html

I also had a guy offer to sell me shares in an incense tree plantation which is a well known scam.  HK is already famous for insider trading in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange so it doesn’t shock me that “alternate” investments take off.  People love the idea of making above average gains.  HK also has a wine and scotch investment fund as the elixirs are all the rage at the moment.  I have a tough enough job putting a syndicate together to raise $30M on LNG ship construction maybe it’s time to start cold calling…

Collins & Kent International Fine Arts – it’s time to overhaul the business model.  It might even help to turn your brain on once in a while.  If you plan to cold call, please send your sales force out onto the street and pass our leaflets.  I rather you not inundate my phone with calls.

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