HK’s love for Oatmeal – it’s good for you.

Posted: December 11, 2014 in breakfast, dessert, fruit
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Go with the steel cut rolled oats variety rather than instant oats, the less processing the better as the oatmeal retains its slow digestion properties keeping blood sugar low.  It lowers cholesterol levels so a lot of older people eat it.  If older people eat it, you know its good for you so you better do it to yourself now rather than be forced to do it later on.  Cooking it makes the oatmeal easier to swallow and faster absorption but I will eat it raw like cereal.  I prepare it the night before leaving the oatmeal to soak in water in the refrigerator with cinnamon and honey.  Peanut butter, raw almonds and fresh fruits (bananas to pomegranates) go in to add texture and mouth feel keeping it healthy.

2014-12-07 17.22.11

Giant box of Quaker Oats, 10 pounds for $84 @ Bestmart

Oatmeal is also great as a dessert if you make it sweet.  It’s sweet congee, red bean soup etc.  I have 10 pounds to work through so I will see how many different iterations of oatmeal I can make before I fall sick.  Oatmeal is a great per-workout meal as the complex carbohydrates slowly digest in your stomach giving you constant energy through the activity.  There’s no sugar in it so you won’t suffer the sugar crash during the workout allowing you to exercise at a constant rate – longer and faster.

2014-12-07 17.21.28

oatmeal with dried blueberries

Oatmeal is also great for dogs.  If your dog sees you eating it, they will want it too and I am happy to oblige.  I may have to try this trick for kibbles.  You should be able to feel the effects of the addition of oatmeal into your diet immediately, you will not be lethargic after eating.

2014-12-05 08.16.12

oatmeal with honey, chia and raw almonds

Stay away from the instant variety of oatmeal as the manufacturers add flavouring and sugar to make it more palatable.   Read the label, if it does not have any additional additives, instant oats are solely cut to a smaller size making it quicker to cook.  It doesn’t taste like anything making it easy for everyone to eat.  Try adding it into your diet.  I found oats in my museli and thus my quest right off into the deep end of oatmeal with a 10 pound bag purchase.


my next big oatmeal purchase. Bigger will always be better right?




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